The general conditions described below (from now General Conditions) govern only the contractual relationship between the user of the website www.pepitabikes.com from now THE USER and the seller which is the company KOKUKI S.L.U. VAT B45864527 and registered address Pasaje Remedios 2, 45100- Sonseca (Toledo) Spain “Registro Mercantil Toledo, tomo 1631, libro: 0, folio: 79, sección: 8, hoja: TO 38844, inscripción 1ª, 6/10/2016”, from now Pepita Bikes.

These general conditions of sale detailed below are the only ones applicable and replace all others conditions, except in case of previous cancellation, express and written. Pepita Bikes may occasionally modify the articles of the general conditions, so it is advisable that they be read at each visit to the website www.pepitabikes.com (from now “Website“). These changes are attributable from the publication on Internet and may not apply to contracts concluded earlier. Every purchase on the website is regulated by the general conditions applicable on the date of the order. We consider that once you have placed an order, you have agreed with our terms of sales after having read them.

Accessing to the Website you agree in respecting the General Conditions, Use Conditions and all contents they have.

The country of commerce is Spain.


We provide you with 3 ways to place an order:

  • By Internet in our website: www.pepitabikes.com (24h, every days).
  • By e-mail to: info@pepitabikes.com
  • By phone on +34 674184981.

For orders that sum or exceed of 2500 €, Pepita Bikes will ask you for an identity document and a proof of your address that you will send us via fax or e-mail.

The articles that are not in our stock and have to order under the express request of the customer, as well as special articles, no exchanges or refunds are allowed.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this procedure may cause to you. These securities are a refutable proof to protect Pepita Bikes costumers against possible bank frauds.


Pepita Bikes pays great attention to the information about the characteristics of products through descriptions, technical drawings and photographs that illustrate the products. All those are made in the limits of the technical, and respecting the best market standards. All the articles of our website have their measures and colours that give an approximation as close as possible to reality, but we do not guarantee that in all cases these descriptions are 100% accurate. You can verify all the information that generates you any doubts with the technical department because refunds for this kind of reasons, the shipping and return costs are borne by the user.


Sales prices in our Website are in euros. VAT is included en estos precios. Shipping cost are included as well.


You should note that orders will be shipped within the available limits stock.

If one of the products ordered are not in stock we are committed to send you an e-mail within 24 hours (from the date you placed the order) to communicate the time of delivery of these products.


Products purchased in Pepita Bikes will be shipped to the European Economic Community with free cost. For shipping to other destinations different to the European Economic Community, shipping conditions will vary depending on the destination.

Your order will be shipped to the address indicated at the time you made your purchase.

Your order will be shipped by a transport agency within 2 to 6 days.

You can also collect the bikes in our store, the address is the next: Pepita Bikes, Camino de Chueca s/n 45.100. Sonseca (Toledo).

Pepita Bikes do everything as be as possible to respect the deadlines mentioned on the Website. However, Pepita Bikes is not responsible for shipping delays for reasons or causes unforeseen, or insurmountable of force majeure.

If you do not receive the goods in the deadline, it will be conducted to an investigation with the carrier which it may takes several days (the longest period is fourteen (14) working days). During this period or until we can clear the incidence we can not make any forwarding or refund of the purchase.

We recommend that when you receive the goods you verify if everything is according with the order and also if everything is in perfect conditions. If you were not in accordance with the goods delivered, please put in the delivery note and sign this one indicating any anomalies that you have found at receiving the goods.

To avoid delay shipping, please indicate when your are placing your order:

  • An e-mail.
  • A phone number or mobile number to contact you at any time.


Pepita Bikes provides you 6 modalities of payment a su disposición:

  • Credit card (Visa or Visa Electrón, Mastercard).
  • Bank transferria.
  • PayPal.
  • Cash or by credit card in Pepita Bikes stores.
  • Gift checks or vouchers and with payment at the time of delivering.

If you choose to pay by credit card, the payment will be charged at the time of order confirmation with prior authorization from your bank. If payment is not authorized, your order will not be considered.

Payment at the time of delivery will be made in cash at the time of receipt your order. This service will cost a 5% more of the amount total.

If you choose make the payment with Pepita Bikes gift vouchers, you have the possibility of buying and paying with those on the Website.

Gift vouchers are valid for 365 days in all their references. To do this, simply select the appropriate box where this payment is applicable.

After expiring its validity period, Pepita Bikes will not accept the gift voucher mentioned.


The user has thirty (30) working days to comunicate a refund of product that he is not satisfied.

Within this period, you can return the product (shipping costs borne by you) along with the invoice and refund voucher completed and signed.

The products must be returned by certified mail with insurance that you can do with the carrier for the value of the product. This insurance will be required in case of dispossession or loss of the goods by the carrier. In any case, any cost of returning borne by the consumer.

According to the present right of return we will accept products that are returned in their original packaging, in perfect conditions and completes (with accessories, manuals, cables, so on.). We will not accept articles that have been sent incompletes, damaged, or soiled by the customer.

If costumers return the product within seven days from delivery to your home (the seal of the agency will attest), Pepita Bikes will refund to costumers by cash or bank transfer. Costumers that paid by credit card via TPV in Pepita Bikes store, we will refund them by bank transfer.


Without prejudice to applicable legal guarantees, we remind you that incidences always will be solved by ordinary mail to next address: PEPITA BIKES, camino de chueca S/N 45100- Sonseca (Toledo) – SPAIN,  or by e-mail to info@pepitabikes.com, the same day or as maximum, a working day after receiving your order. Send us pictures by e-mail. Without pictures we will not solve any incidence. After the deadline we will not responsible of any incidence or refund.

We only will accept refunds of products with their original packages, accessories and their instructions manual.

In case of nonconformity proved, you will have the possibility to choose between repair and replacement the product unless the option whished involves a manifestly disproportionate cost respecting to another form.

Shipping cost will be payed by the User, except in case of non-conformity of the product because any incidence proved. We advice you to protect your goods, because you will be responsible for any possibles damages during the transport.


10.1 Legal guaratees

Regardless of Contractual Services consenting in the context of Article 12 of the general conditions, all our material sold, either new or used, are benefiting from the legal guarantee of conformity and also from the guarantee latent defects in the follow legal conditions.

  • Article L.211-4 (Consumer Code): The seller is obligated to deliver a good under the contract and he will be solely responsible for defects derivatives during shipment. He will respond in kind of defects derived during packaging, instructions for assembly or installation when this one runs under its responsibility by contract that has concluded.
  • Article L.211-5 (Consumer Code): To respond to the conditions of the contract, the product have to:

Be suitable for using and, otherwise, correspond to the description given by the seller and have characteristics that the seller has presented to the consumer by a sample or model. Has the characteristics that a consumer can reasonably expect with respect to public statements made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative, particularly in the publicity or on labeling.

Present characteristics defined by a common agreement agreed between the parties or being suitable for any particular use searched by the consumer, which comes to the knowledge of the seller, and he has accepted.


  • Article L.211-12 (Consumer Code): The action resulting from lack of conformity has a period of duration of two years from the time of delivery.
  • Article 1641 (Civil Code): The seller is responsible for the guarantee of all hidden defects of the goods sold that make improper the use for which it has been assigned, or decrease significantly such use, the buyer has not acquired, or has only given a minimum price, if he had known them.
  • Article 1648 (Civil Code): The action resulting from latent defects must be filed by the consumer within two years from the discovery of the defect.


10.2. Manufacturer Guarranty

All our products sold are benefit from the factory guarantees, the extent and duration differ between products and brands.

The manufacturer guarantees of the products marketed by Pepita Bikes do not cover incorrectly used or non-conforming of products.


Pepita Bikes is not responsible for non-fulfillment of these conditions in case of force majeure, as defined by the Spanish courts and in case of failure from the client or any unforeseeable by a person from outside the contract.

For any divergence caused by the breach of the conditions of sale, the two parties will expressly submit to the courts of Toledo by renouncing yours if it were another.

Pepita Bikes is not responsible for any consequences that it might result from improper use of the products sold on its Website.


Personal information that the User has to provide us is essential to the delivery of orders, the drafting of invoices and guarantee contracts. The absence of these data will lead to automatic cancellation of orders. When you make a register on the Website, you agree to provide us valid personal data. The act of providing false or incorrect information is contrary to the General Coditions.

The User has a permanent right of the access and rectification of all your data according with European texts and national laws in force. You can at any time direct to Pepita Bikes to know what information we have of you. You can at any time, and on request, modify this data.

If you accepted it in your identification on the Website, Pepita Bikes will send you promotional e-mails (newsletters suggesting, news, settlements, exclusive, etc.).

Whenever you wish, you can unsubscribe of our newsletter to stop receiving these kinds of e-mails. To unsubscribe, just click on the link provide for this purpose at the footer of each e-mail promotional that we will send you.

Only Pepita Bikes has got your data and only Pepita Bikes and their contractual partners may send you information within the ambit of promotional campaigns and they will be accurate and exceptional. These partners have been specially selected by Pepita Bikes and are recognized for the quality of their products and services.


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13.1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text that websites send to the browser and are stored on the user’s terminal, which can be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc. These files allow to the website to remember the information about your visit, such as language and the preferred options facilitating your next visit and make the site more useful by customizing the content. Cookies play a very important role to improve the experience of using the web.

13.2. How to use cookies

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13.4. Cookies Audit in Pepitabikes.com

13.5. How to manage cookies in the browser

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14. Register your Pepita

Fill in some simple data in our form you can register your Pepita, with what you get the certainty that the Pepita you have purchased is completely original and also the bicycle warranty will be activated. This step is totally optional but will speed up the process in case you have to make use of the guarantee.