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Lanzarote is Dominica´s boyfriend and every Sunday they go for a walk in their fixies by the island. They are two in love with the black sand beaches.

369 € Tax incl.

The Dominica island, as Caribbean as its name, is Martinique´s cousin. Its beaches are of black sand from a volcano. And the sea is pink, as its Barrier Reef.

369 € Tax incl.

Miyajima is a Japanese island with full of deers. In front of this island is one of the icons of Japanese culture, the huge torii, when there is high tide seems to float under the sea.

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Bouvet Island is a small uninhabited territory in the South Atlantic. This is the point with solid ground most isolated of the planet, and it is covered by glaciers that always fall on its black beaches of volcanic sand.

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You can find The Komodo`s island in Indonesia. You can find Dragons and a unique pink beach, like our new Pepita Komodo.

This Pepita is unique size – 54.


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On the Caribbean island of Aruba, flamingos roam wide and pink their breathtaking beaches.

one size – 54.

309 € Tax incl.
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