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Vik – 7 SPEED

Vík í Myrdal is a small sore city in the southern Iceland with a red roof church and an unique beach with black volcanic sand, in which are huge rock formations that look like trolls.

349 € Tax incl.

Bouvet Island is a small uninhabited territory in the South Atlantic. This is the point with solid ground most isolated of the planet, and it is covered by glaciers that always fall on its black beaches of volcanic sand.

349 € Tax incl.

You can find The Komodo`s island in Indonesia. You can find Dragons and a unique pink beach, like our new Pepita Komodo.

This Pepita is unique size – 54.


309 € Tax incl.

On the Caribbean island of Aruba, flamingos roam wide and pink their breathtaking beaches.

one size – 54.

309 € Tax incl.

This is Niza, a little bar with a blue box and with a lot of class, as the most emblematic city of the Costa Azul.

This Pepita is one size fits all – 54.

309 € Tax incl.

Likoma is a small island located in the middle of Malawi Lake. It has only 8000 inhabitants and is full of baobabs, Africans sacred trees.

309 € Tax incl.

Manhattan is a black an white fixie, a classic combination that always likes and never goes out of style. If you want to be right buy a Manhattan bike.

309 € Tax incl.
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