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Fixie Culture

Everyone is talking about  them: “Fixies”, “Fixed”, “Fixed-gear”, it’s all  the same. Goodbye to neutral gear and to let yourself go on. It is time we ride the bikes instead of  let them drive us. These bikes are light, simple and with a lot of history.


If the pictures of our catalogue aren´t enough for you, go ahead and take a look here: You will find detail pictures, cool pictures, funny pictures, always of our Pepitas on the streets, alone, clustered, parked or swarming around.  We also want to see your Pepita Bikes in action. Send us your photo and show off!

Purchase Guide

It’s frecquent to have doubts before buying a fixied bike or buying any other stuff. Check out our FAQ and don’t hesitate to ask if you have different questions, asking is free!

Here are the Pepitas:


Fuerteventura are beaches with white sand and turquoise waters.

Our new Pepita Fuerteventura has the picture in trendy color and white details. pretty, right? Then get her and we’ll send it for free.

sizes 52, 54 y 58.

309 € Tax incl.

The island of Capri is a natural beauty of beaches of blue sea and aroma of lemon.

Our Pepita Capri has blue box, yellow rims, white details and as much class as the Italian island. If you want it do not think about it, choose your size and remember that we send it for free.

Sizes  52, 54 and 58

309 € Tax incl.

Brac is a small island in Croatia in which time seems to stop.

And here is our Pepita Brac, a new fixie with red frame and components in blue. Say goodbye to the rush and enjoy the scenery, the beaches, the mountain and everything that Brac offers you pedaling in your Pepita. If you want you can buy it here, shipping as always is free.

Avaible in sizes 52-54

309 € Tax incl.

Gotland is in Sweden and it is home to incredible fine sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, a medieval town, a Viking settlement, rose fields and wild orchids …

Our new Pepita Gotland has it all, like the island: brown box, and blue and white components. Ah! And free shipping.

Available in sizes 52,54,58

309 € Tax incl.

In Hawaii you will find Mahana, a picturesque beach of green sand, like this new Pepita that evokes summer, sea and nature.

This Pepita is one size fits all – 54

309 € Tax incl.

This is Niza, a little bar with a blue box and with a lot of class, as the most emblematic city of the Costa Azul.

This Pepita is one size fits all – 54.

309 € Tax incl.

Bouvet Island is a small uninhabited territory in the South Atlantic. This is the point with solid ground most isolated of the planet, and it is covered by glaciers that always fall on its black beaches of volcanic sand.

349 € Tax incl.

Likoma is a small island located in the middle of Malawi Lake. It has only 8000 inhabitants and is full of baobabs, Africans sacred trees.

309 € Tax incl.

You can find The Komodo`s island in Indonesia. You can find Dragons and a unique pink beach, like our new Pepita Komodo.

This Pepita is unique size – 54.


309 € Tax incl.

On the Caribbean island of Aruba, flamingos roam wide and pink their breathtaking beaches.

one size – 54.

309 € Tax incl.
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